Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fair and Just Compensation

The Met Council spokesperson Laura Baenen is quoted in MPR saying: "There's absolutely no money in the project budget for handouts, or to give people money," said Central Corridor spokeswoman Laura Baenen. "We're not doing it."

This is an insult, a slap in the face, for business owners. The Met Council must think business owners are stupid. Who is asking the Met Council for "handouts"? Do people who work for the Met Council, who are paid with tax dollars, understand the words "fair compensation?" Does Peter Bell, Met Council Chair, understand?

We are NOT asking for handouts from anybody. Least of all from the Met Council. We run our businesses with no help from nobody. What we gain, we worked hard for. Nobody gave me any handouts. We are doing fine without the Met Council. You think we going to depend on you for handouts? We didn't ask for the LRT. You going to shove it down our throats, drive away our customers. If my business will suffer because of their LRT, the least the Met Council could do is work with me in good faith to save my business.

This is how the Met Council deals with the business owners on University Avenue. Peter Bell lets his PR speaks for him, instead of getting out there and having real conversations with business owners about their concerns. If Met Council thinks all we want is handouts, they haven't been listening. Their PR strategy is to make us look like dumb asking for money for nothing. Well they look stupid, arrogant for saying that.

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