Thursday, September 10, 2009

History Repeating Itself

What we are asking for is fair compensation because light rail will affect our businesses negatively. We are asking for support to keep our businesses alive during construction and after. The Met Council calls this a handout.

Did you know this? The Met Council, which will build the LRT on University Avenue, will use tens of millions of dollars to help the U of M and Minnesota public radio, because of the effect of light rail. Are they more special then our businesses on University Avenue? Is that why they get support and we don't? So when the met council gave the fund to help them, did they call that a handout?

I was just wondering what they call it because obviously they say that they are not giving any businesses “handouts”.

So, again the point I made in my speech, are they trying to remove all of the small businesses on this part of university? So when we all go out of business during the construction, are they going to say that it just happens, they didn’t deliberately kick us out? That’s what happened to the old Rondo’s Black community, they got kicked out. The government came and moved everyone and just put a highway through where peoples’ home and businesses were, where they lived their whole life. As a minority business owner, I can understand how the Rondo people feel. Now are they trying to do that to me? It will be the same thing if I go out of business because of light rail. It makes me wonder how people can get away with this kind of thing. Just my thought!! – L.B.

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