Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking Met Council to Task

This article ran in Twin Cities Daily Planet on Sept 24:

Some say we criticize Met Council for no reason, we don't know what we doing, light rail will be good for us. If that's true in four years my business and everybody else will be better off and we will all be happy. But we don't know what will happen. That's why we criticize the Met Council. They are not the only one we are taking to task. There's the city, and there's also the county. I have talked to the mayor, the city council person, and the county commissioner. They all say they support businesses and they don't want anybody to go out of business because of the light rail. They say they want to help but they don't commit to anything.

The Met Council they don't even pretend to want to help small businesses survive light rail. They say we will give you loan or marketing. How can that help me when costumers cant get into my business or I can't afford to stay on the avenue. The Met Council is against helping businesses make up for losing customers and sales when they dig up the street. They said that in the paper, it was Peter Bell or somebody working for him.

Peter Bell is not elected so he can do and say whatever he wants. The elected official will say things to please you but don't commit to anything. We business owners are taking all of them to task but they don't do anything. When light rail kick us out, they won't even miss us. They will have a shiny new light rail and other businesses to replace us. It will be mission accomplished for them.

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